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We are what we do

We are our surfaces: every one of them. Manufactured by hand, one board at a time, we see them emerge from a tree trunk and be transformed. Enriched by artisanal colours and finishes, they are the result of our fascination with wood and research, for every action we take brings the beauty of the wood back to the surface for all the world to see.

“Wood is alive and working on it is An homage to the beauty of nature.”

Our history has been determined by important choices, the only ones we can call our own, choices you will learn to recognize by touching any of the Mardegan Legno wood surfaces. Because every choice, when it's sincere, leaves its traces: more deeply on wood than elsewhere.


Giuseppe Mardegan
Founder of Mardegan Legno

Air, water, wood, fire, metal

The earth is the womb of forests, water nourishes them, fire burns the dry wood waste to provide energy, metal etches surfaces.
All these elements converge in the Mardegan Legno factory, giving life to a magical process that starts with sawing the log and ends with the finished surface.

Guardians of the forest's secrets

An invaluable heritage is in our hands. Wood is alive. Within it is the echo of the world and the breath of forests. That is why we choose to take maximum care of its riches, safeguarding its secrets and its beauty.


We respect wood, from the very first phase of selecting the materials. To select the trees we rely on the State Forestry Corps, confident that we are working with people who have in-depth knowledge of the forest and know how to act without affecting equilibrium and growth.


We care deeply about such a precious ecosystem. We believe it is our duty and responsibility to give back to the forest what it has given us.

The origin of our actions

Forsts and woods, with their centuries-old histories and their cycles of growth and rebirth, are a lot like us. We once were young, born of a tenaciously desired project and a very strong passion. Like trees we have grown, putting down roots and putting out branches that today support us and make us shine.

Hand-made because we love wood

Our company was founded in Hungary because of our love for wood. To be in the heart of the forests and breath the same air in which the best European wood, Slavonian oak, is born and grows. This choice, made out of love, could not but be coupled with a sense of moral responsibility: to provide a selection of surfaces starting from the certified raw material, the result of a process which respects the life of woods and forests.

We do carefully respect and observe this principle and for this reason we have obtained the FSC® certification (Forest Stewardship Council®) for both manufacturing and trade of our products ensuring continuity, without interruption of the custody chain that is required from the certification itself.
Based on this, upon request, we can supply the FSC® certification on our oak wood floors.

Production site certification

Production site certification

Commercial site certification

Commercial site certification

The Mardegan Legno floor: Guaranteed, safe and resistant.

Wood is an important material, valuable and refined.
Consistent with our principles and our philosophy, we have conducted a series of “resistance tests” at Catas (research and development centre and workshop for tests concerning the wood-interior design sector, environment and food)



We have chosen to comply with the concept of “legal wood” EU 995/2010 flooring and with the regulations concerning the conformity assessment criteria, the characteristics and marking of the finished wood floor EN 14342: 2013 + A1 / 2008 . In addition to this, each wooden floor comes with a "product card" and "performance statement" as required by the UNI EN 13489 standard for pre-finished multilayer floors.

Further details about the tests we have conducted on our surfaces:


  • - Resistance to scratches
  • - Resistance to abrasion
  • - Dirt retention
  • - Resistance to chemical agents
  • - Resistance to light
  • - Resistance to changes in temperature

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Surfaces that are safe and tested

ico certificazione
UE 995/2010
ico certificazione
EN 14342:2013+A1/2008
ico certificazione
UNI EN 13489

What varying length and width mean to us

We cut the boards ourselves. Since we love nature, we put special care into how and how much we cut, so as not to waste in a few seconds what took centuries to grow. For the same reason, because of our utmost respect for wood, we advise using boards of varying sizes, as produced by the cutting process. Without wasting anything. Because a floor made of varying lengths and widths is first and foremost a responsible choice, but it is also the best way to give dynamism and depth to a surface, enhancing its charm and beauty. However, we know that some interior design projects require a composition of boards of the same size: for this reason, customers can also request boards of fixed length.

The selection

During the production process, the lamellas are carefully divided into three main groups called “selections”. The trained eyes of our experts enables each individual board to be precisely classified on the basis of the design carried out by nature.

Each board presents different traits and markings. The passage of time, as well as humidity
and temperature, leave a unique imprint on the wood. This imprint is different in every piece, symbolizing that nothing is determined and that the beauty of nature lies in its unpredictability and imperfection.

Nature is the primary maker of our surfaces


This process involves a richness of materials and a wood structure that is ever varying and, by its very nature, not perfect.
It is characterized by a mixture of straight-grained, cathedral patterned and curly wood fibre, with filled or unfilled cracks and small holes, knots or groups of knots that are sometimes more than 40 mm in diameter.
Chromatic differences are also visible, a symbol of the natural and spontaneous characteristics of the wood itself.

Selection A

These are the most regular portions of the wood, characterized by straight, oblique or cathedral grained fibre. The surface may present small knots or groups of knots not more than 10 mm in diameter.
The visible chromatic differences are due to the natural characteristics of the wood itself.

Selection B

These are the richer parts of the wood, characterized by a mixed wood fibre, cathedral grained or curly. The surface may present knots and groups of healthy or carefully filled knots, no more than 40 mm in diameter and, occasionally, small cracks or small holes. The visible chromatic differences are due to the natural characteristics of the wood itself.

Mixed selection A/B

This selection combines pieces from Selections A and B: the structure of the surface is variable and not always perfect.It can display both the more regular parts of the wood, typical of Selection A, and the knots or groups of knots that belong to Selection B.

Choosing an artisanal production process

Assembly by hand

The layers are assembled by hand, the lamellas are glued utilizing non-toxic vinyl glue.
The hot press guarantees the stability of the flooring. Once assembly is completed, the next step is cutting and profiling the boards.


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Hand-processed boards

We put all of our artisanal expertise into our flooring, to bring to light the most intimate face of the rich wood material.


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Hand-coloured surfaces

The hands of our master artisans paint the wood making its nuances unique, an artist's touch that could not be produced mechanically.


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